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1.【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】1  He was nearing his last hundred dollars.
2.  "I don't think he wants to buy," he said to himself. "He doesn'ttalk right."
3.  "You had better decide, Charlie," she said, reservedly.
4.  Accordingly, Mrs. Hurstwood decided to broach the subject. Shewas thinking this over when she came down to the table, but forsome reason the atmosphere was wrong. She was not sure, after itwas all over, just how the trouble had begun. She was determinednow, however, that her husband was a brute, and that, under nocircumstances, would she let this go by unsettled. She wouldhave more lady-like treatment or she would know why.
5.  Instantly she remembered that she had hoped to buy a few thingsfor herself. She needed clothes. Her hat was not nice.
6.  "Well, young lady," observed the old gentleman, looking at hersomewhat kindly, "what is it you wish?"


1.  Hurstwood moved on, wondering. The sight of the large, brightcoin pleased him a little. He remembered that he was hungry andthat he could get a bed for ten cents. With this, the idea ofdeath passed, for the time being, out of his mind. It was onlywhen he could get nothing but insults that death seemed worthwhile.
2.  He ascended into the fine parlour of the Morton House, then oneof the best New York hotels, and, finding a cushioned seat, read.It did not trouble him much that his decreasing sum of money didnot allow of such extravagance. Like the morphine fiend, he wasbecoming addicted to his ease. Anything to relieve his mentaldistress, to satisfy his craving for comfort. He must do it. Nothoughts for the morrow--he could not stand to think of it anymore than he could of any other calamity. Like the certainty ofdeath, he tried to shut the certainty of soon being without adollar completely out of his mind, and he came very near doingit.
3.  The new arrangement might have worked if sickness had notintervened. It blew up cold after a rain one afternoon whenCarrie was still without a jacket. She came out of the warm shopat six and shivered as the wind struck her. In the morning shewas sneezing, and going down town made it worse. That day herbones ached and she felt light-headed. Towards evening she feltvery ill, and when she reached home was not hungry. Minnienoticed her drooping actions and asked her about herself.
4.  "She's not so inexperienced as she looks," he thought, andthereafter his respect and ardour were increased.
5.  "Well, now you do that lively," said the drummer. "Put in snap,that's the thing. Act as if you didn't care."
6.  "You stick to me and we'll have a coach," laughed Drouet.


1.  At the Lyceum she entered one of those secluded, under-stairwayclosets, berugged and bepaneled, which causes one to feel thegreatness of all positions of authority. Here was reserve itselfdone into a box-office clerk, a doorman, and an assistant,glorying in their fine positions.
2.  "Look at the guy in the cab," observed a third.
3.  "Well, now, just how much money would it take to buy a halfinterest here?" said Hurstwood, who saw seven hundred dollars ashis limit.
4.  "Do you lose what you put in?"
5.   Hurstwood did not take this to himself. He thought it to be anexpression of individual satisfaction, and so did not answer.The youth imagined he was out of sorts, and set to whistlingsoftly. Seeing another man asleep, he quit that and lapsed intosilence.
6.  "Well, keep your mouth still then. Now, all together again."


1.  "All right," said Carrie.
2.  "Not to-night," she said, shaking her head. "We'll have a talksome other time."
3.  "I raise you three," said the youth.
4、  She started slightly at the announcement, but told the girl tosay that she would come down in a moment, and proceeded to hastenher dressing.
5、  "Why didn't you?" she asked, without looking up.




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      He frowned as he thought of their ignorance.

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      "Yes," said Hurstwood, whose face was a study.

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       "Isn't your name Mason?" asked the manager.

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      "No, no, Mr. Bamberger," said the director, approaching, "notthat way. 'A pickpocket--well?' so. That's the idea."

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    {  "Come on," he said gently, "you're all right."

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      "Well, you might find him in between eleven and twelve. He'shere after two o'clock."}

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      "Why, I know it. I've always known it," said Drouet.

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      "Let me show you something," he said, affably, coming over andtaking out of his pocket a little lithographed card which hadbeen issued by a wholesale tobacco company. On this was printeda picture of a pretty girl, holding a striped parasol, thecolours of which could be changed by means of a revolving disk inthe back, which showed red, yellow, green, and blue throughlittle interstices made in the ground occupied by the umbrellatop.

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       As for Hurstwood, he was alive with thoughts and feelingsconcerning Carrie. He had no definite plans regarding her, buthe was determined to make her confess an affection for him. Hethought he saw in her drooping eye, her unstable glance, herwavering manner, the symptoms of a budding passion. He wanted tostand near her and make her lay her hand in his--he wanted tofind out what her next step would be--what the next sign offeeling for him would be. Such anxiety and enthusiasm had notaffected him for years. He was a youth again in feeling--acavalier in action.

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    {  Hurstwood was greatly abashed. His eyes expressed the difficultyhe felt.

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      Hurstwood rose and took the money, slipping on his overcoat andgetting his hat. Carrie noticed that both of these articles ofapparel were old and poor looking in appearance. It was plainenough before, but now it came home with peculiar force. Perhapshe couldn't help it, after all. He had done well in Chicago.She remembered his fine appearance the days he had met her in thepark. Then he was so sprightly, so clean. Had it been all hisfault?