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q7电玩官网下载【址:a g 9 559⒐ v i p】<  "Hence the health-giving expedition to Lausanne. You know that Icannot possibly leave London while old Abrahams is in such mortalterror of his life. Besides, on general principles it is best that Ishould not leave the country. Scotland Yard feels lonely without me,and it causes an unhealthy excitement among the criminal classes.Go, then, my dear Watson, and if my humble counsel can ever bevalued at so extravagant a rate as two pence a word, it waits yourdisposal night and day at the end of the Continental wire."Two days later found me at the Hotel National at Lausanne, where Ireceived every courtesy at the hands of M. Moser, the well-knownmanager. Lady Frances, as he informed me, had stayed there for severalweeks. She had been much liked by all who met her. Her age was notmore than forty. She was still handsome and bore every sign ofhaving in her youth been a very lovely woman. M. Moser knew nothing ofany valuable jewellery, but it had been remarked by the servantsthat the heavy trunk in the lady's bedroom was always scrupulouslylocked. Marie Devine, the maid, was as popular as her mistress. Shewas actually engaged to one of the head waiters in the hotel, andthere was no difficulty in getting her address. It was 11 Rue deTrajan, Montpellier. All this I jotted down and felt that Holmeshimself could not have been more adroit in collecting his facts.Only one corner still remained in the shadow. No light which Ipossessed could clear up the cause for the lady's sudden departure.She was very happy at Lausanne. There was every reason to believe thatshe intended to remain for the season in her luxurious roomsoverlooking the lake. And yet she had left at a single day's notice,which involved her in the useless payment of a week's rent. Only JulesVibart, the lover of the maid, had any suggestion to offer. Heconnected the sudden departure with the visit to the hotel a day ortwo before of a tall, dark, bearded man. 'Un savage- un veritablesavage!' cried Jules Vibart. The man had rooms somewhere in thetown. He had been seen talking earnestly to Madame on the promenade bythe lake. Then he had called. She had refused to see him. He wasEnglish, but of his name there was no record. Madame had left theplace immediately afterwards. Jules Vibart, and, what was of moreimportance, Jules Vibart's sweetheart, thought that this call and thisdeparture were cause and effect. Only one thing Jules would notdiscuss. That was the reason why Marie had left her mistress. Ofthat he could or would say nothing. If I wished to know, I must goto Montpellier and ask her.   "So that's that!" said Holmes. "And now, if you can spare thetime, Watson, we will get upon our way."

    "But surely," said I, "the vampire was not necessarily a dead man? Aliving person might have the habit. I have read, for example, of theold sucking the blood of the young in order to retain their youth.""You are right, Watson. It mentions the legend in one of thesereferences. But are we to give serious attention to such things?This agency stands flat-footed upon the ground, and there it mustremain. The world is big enough for us. No ghosts need apply. I fearthat we cannot take Mr. Robert Ferguson very seriously. Possiblythis note may be from him and may throw some light upon what isworrying him."

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   "Well, well!" said he coolly as he scrambled to the surface. "Iguess you have been one too many for me, Mr. Holmes. Saw through mygame, I suppose, and played me for a sucker from the first. Well, sir,I hand it to you; you have me beat and-"

    "It is very much the sort of thing that I expected," said he. "Ofcourse, we do not yet know what the relations may have been betweenAlec Cunningham, William Kirwan, and Annie Morrison. The resultshows that the trap was skilfully baited. I am sure that you cannotfail to be delighted with the traces of heredity shown in the p'sand in the tails of the g's. The absence of the i-dots in the oldman's writing is also most characteristic. Watson, I think our quietrest in the country has been a distinct success, and I shall certainlyreturn much invigorated to Baker Street to-morrow."

    "Monday night after nine. Two taps. Only ourselves. Do not be sosuspicious. Payment in hard cash when goods delivered.

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   "No, no, my dear sir; such a course is utterly impossible. When oncethe law is evoked it cannot be stayed again, and this is just one ofthose cases where, for the credit of the college, it is most essentialto avoid scandal. Your discretion is as well known as your powers, andyou are the one man in the world who can help me. I beg you, Mr.Holmes, to do what you can."<  "I think now," said Gregson, rising, "we had best put this matterinto an official shape. You will come round with us to the station,Mr. Scott Eccles, and let us have your statement in writing.""Certainly, I will come at once. But I retain your services, Mr.Holmes. I desire you to spare no expense and no pains to get at thetruth."

    "Retired in 1896, Watson. Early in 1897 he married a woman twentyyears younger than himself- a good-looking woman, too, if thephotograph does not flatter. A competence, a wife, leisure- itseemed a straight road which lay before him. And yet within twoyears he is, as you have seen, as broken and miserable a creature ascrawls beneath the sun."

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   She cast a look of the deepest disdain in his direction. "Why shouldyou cling so hard to that wretched life of yours, Sergius?" saidshe. "It has done harm to many and good to none- not even to yourself.However, it is not for me to cause the frail thread to be snappedbefore God's time. I have enough already upon my soul since Icrossed the threshold of this cursed house. But I must speak or Ishall be too late.

    "How do you do, Lord Cantlemere? It is chilly for the time ofyear, but rather warm indoors. May I take your overcoat?""No, I thank you; I will not take it off."

<  "There is but one thing to do. It must be done at once. Youmust put this piece of paper which you have shown us into thebrass box which you have described. You must also put in a noteto say that all the other papers were burned by your uncle, andthat this is the only one which remains. You must assert that insuch words as will carry conviction with them. Having done this,you must at once put the box out upon the sundial, as directed.Do you understand?"   "Well," said he, curtly, "you are nearly half an hour late."So this was the explanation of the unlocked door and of thenocturnal vigil of Milverton. There was the gentle rustle of a woman'sdress. I had closed the slit between the curtains as Milverton'sface had turned in our direction, but now I ventured very carefully toopen it once more. He had resumed his seat, the cigar still projectingat an insolent angle from the corner of his mouth. In front of him, inthe full glare of the electric light, there stood a tall, slim, darkwoman, a veil over her face, a mantle drawn round her chin. Her breathcame quick and fast, and every inch of the lithe figure wasquivering with strong emotion.

    "They appear to be lists of Stock Exchange securities. I thoughtthat 'J.H.N.' were the initials of a broker, and that 'C.P.R.' mayhave been his client."


<  "A pathetic, futile, broken creature."   "Exactly!" Holmes had become very serious. "When does this ladtend to the furnace?"

    "I can see that you have not slept for a night or two," saidHolmes in his easy, genial way. "That tries a man's nerves more thanwork, and more even than pleasure. May I ask how I can help you?""I wanted your advice, sir. I don't know what to do, and my wholelife seems to have gone to pieces."





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