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1. She is now so successful that her mother has hired a security team who monitor the star 24/7.
2. 我经常觉得不开心
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5. 支持:洛杉矶影评人协会将其评为最佳影片。
6. James Bond Themes 5. "Live and Let Die" by Paul McCartney and Wings


1. 单词distract 联想记忆:
2. unstable
3. The End of the Road
4. 宣布的
5. Alfonso Cuaron and his colleagues, most notably the cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki, the production designer Andy Nicholson and the filmmaker's co-writer, Jonas Cuaron, have made a motion picture that expands the way motion pictures will be made. Readers with an interest in technology can get a sense of their extraordinary achievements from last month's cover story of American Cinematographer, which is available online. But the emotional essence of the film is already known to anyone who has seen it, and has been swept away by it-into the outer space of silence and menace, into an inner space of deep delight.
6. Phil Baty, editor of THE rankings, said: "China has introduced powerful policy drives, backed with serious funding, to produce world-class universities. In 2015, the country announced its excellence initiative, which aims to establish six of its universities in the leading group of global institutions by 2020."


1. control
2. 不过,一些议员已经开始讨论2月末或因联邦借款上限再度引发僵局。达科称,你永远不能指望决策者们不会搬起石头砸自己的脚。
3. adj. 有经验的
4. “候选人的能力并不能用他们的年龄来衡量”,桑尼伯恩告诉《人物》(美国杂志)说,”尽管唐纳德·特朗普是当选美国总统的人中最年长的,但是“他的推文就像幼儿园小朋友一样”。“
5. 法国当局十二月发表声明,他们已经取缔了十几个向人们发布去伊拉克和叙利亚作战的网络。
6. code


1. 《小谎大事》
2. 在全国商务工作会议上,高部长表示,至2015年底,“十二五”规划主要目标胜利完成,中国成为真正的贸易巨头。
3. 课程安排:周五周六交替上课,入学伊始学员需参加一个为期一周的会议,还有一个为期一周的国际学习研讨会
4. 8.Your Boss Sucks
5. 这部由塞巴斯蒂安.马拉比(Sebastian Mallaby)所著的《知者:格林斯潘传》(The Man Who Knew),是这项奖金额为3万英镑的奖项的第12位获奖者。该奖项奖励的是年度“最令人瞩目和愉悦的”图书。
6. Forex reserves fell $87bn in November, near the record $94bn decline suffered in August — the same month that the central bank surprised global markets by allowing the renminbi to depreciate by 3 per cent in three days.


1. One of the main strengths of the LBS programmes is the wide range of students from different countries. More than 90 per cent in its 2015 MBA cohort were from overseas, coming from about 60 different countries.
2. but that was markedly lower than the previous month’s rise of 8.2 per cent.
3. Falling global demand for personal computers (PC) saw shipments fall by a record 10.6% in the fourth quarter from a year ago, according to market research firm IDC.

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